• Why the BGC English Program?

  • Thematic English After School Programs

    • Healthy lifestyle and sport

      Playful movement, coordination and motion development. Creating the basis for health-conscious thinking.

    • LEGO

      Learning robotics and the basics of programming using the most advanced tools with comic book design and writing.

    • Science, Technology

      Acquiring versatile scientific knowledge through interesting experiments, interactive whiteboard use and external programs.

    • Art, Drama

      Developing a wide range of creative techniques to improve motor and manual skills. Role and drama games to learn expression skills.

  • Playful, thematic guided activities in a native English environment as part of the BGC After School Program.

    • Native English environment

      In our program the students partake in guided activities 5 days-a-week, 4 hours-a-day, with our native English lecturers. This modernized educational method provides many more opportunities for language acquisition than a bilingual primary school.

    • 4 hours every day: 13:00-17:00

      13:00-14:00 – Outside play
      14:00-14:45 – Homework time (in Hungarian)
      15:00-16:15 – English club time
      16:30-17:00 – Free play with the English lecturer

    90-minute activity based sessions, with the guidance of a native English lecturer, tailored to the age and interests of the students.

    • 5-6th grade classes

      During the sessions the students tackle each topic through a range of projects, where teamwork and creativity are encouraged. We motivate our students by providing positive reinforcemnt in a stress-free environment with no tests or grading. As a result, our program differs significantly from typical bilingual schools.

    • 7-8th grade classes

      Due to the increased compulsory lessons prescribed by the Hungarian National Curriculum, the BGC English Program is implemented three times a week, with special emphasis on language exam preparation.

    • English lecturers

      from various Anglo-Saxon backgrounds help our work.

    • Students

      partake in the BGC English bilingual program.

    • hours

      spent in a native English environment.

    • %
  • Our schools

    • Csata Utca Primary School
      • Address
        1135 Budapest, Csata u. 20.
      • Phone
        (1) 340-9524
    • Fóti Fáy András Primary School
      • Address
        2151 Fót, Fáy András tér 1.
      • Phone
    • Széchenyi István Primary School
      • Address
        2120 Dunakeszi, Posta utca 5.
      • Phone
    • Gárdonyi Géza Primary School
      • Address
        1137 Budapest, Radnóti Miklós u. 8-10.
      • Phone
        (1) 340-4209
  • The BGC English After School Program provides 6-14 year olds with an effective means for language acquisition in a native English environment.

    Our program, the winner of the 2014 European Language Awards, is unlike the usual bilingual primary schools: it provides a playful way for language acquisition from the complete beginner level all the way up to preparing for the language exam.

    • Modern bilingual primary school
    • Playful English language acquisition
    • Native English speakers
    • Skill and personality development programs
    • Without vocabulary tests or exams
    • Always tailored to the specific interests of the relevant age group
    • Within the boundaries of the state education system
    • Child-centred

      learning is a game with us.

    • Long term

      8 year long complex program.

    • Stress-free

      our work is based on positive reinforcement.

    • Successful

      from beginner to language exam.

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