BGC English Program

  • The Boys & Girls Clubs (BGC) English Program was founded in America, where the primary goal is to develop children’s skills and personalities through activity-oriented projects. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America International Organization provides a ‘modernized daycare’ system in nearly 4,000 clubs in the United States. Around four million children aged 5-18 participate each year.

    The massive popularity of the program in America gave the idea of also making this novel, child-centered educational approach available to Hungarian children.

    Boys and Girls Club of Hungary (BGCH) is the first European sister club of the Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA). We have also been granted the rights to use the topic- and age-specific curricula they have developed. The BGC English Program for Hungarian children is solely available in English with native English speakers who work collaboratively with the Hungarian afternoon teachers. That is how it fully integrates into the Hungarian education system. From this, it follows that, besides skill development, the primary goal of the BGC English Program is to effectively teach English in a native environment.

    In Hungary, the BGC English Program currently operates in seven public educational institutions. Almost thirty teachers, from multiple different native English backgrounds, deliver our curriculum. At present, this means the development of 660 children aged between 3 and 14 years. To our greatest joy, this figure is continuously increasing.

    When teaching children we do not prioritize conscious learning and grammar rules. Instead, we focus on spontaneous learning processes, much like when one acquires their mother tongue. The language skills gained and coded in this way are much more efficient and harder to forget. Our ultimate goal is for the children participating in the program to learn English as a way of life, through everyday topics and life situations affecting them.

    The BGC English Kindergarten Program runs for 3 (+1) years. Our small, middle and large group English language programs are fully adapted to the Hungarian kindergarten curriculum. From 08:00 to 13:00, a native English lecturer and a Hungarian kindergarten teacher work together with the children.
    Our BGC English School Program runs for 4 + 4 years. The BGC English Afterschool Program operates in grades 1-4, meanwhile, we offer the BGC English Workshop in grades 5-8.

BGC English School Program

Our program received the European Language Award in 2014. Unlike the usual bilingual primary schools, we provide a playful language learning opportunity for all students, from complete beginners to those preparing for the language exams.

  • 4 + 4 years structured program
  • Native English speakers
  • A positive, supportive environment
  • Fun-oriented
  • Without vocabulary tests or exams

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