BGC English Afterschool Program (Grades 1-4)

  • In September 2013, we launched our first English-Hungarian bilingual after-school program in cooperation with the District 13 Csata Utca Primary School. A separate school wing was designed for this purpose. Since then, the number of students participating in the program has been steadily increasing, with new, additional classes starting every September. Since September 2017, we have also started our BGC English Afterschool Program at Szemere Utca Primary School.

    As part of the BGC Afterschool Program, in Grades 1-4, the students are actively immersed in a native English environment four hours a day, five days a week. The participating students learn according to the National Core Curriculum during the morning, whilst in the afternoon, they take part in the BGC English Afterschool Program. This encompasses activity-oriented, thematic developmental programs and games lead by the native English lecturers during free play.


    English BGC Afternoon Schedule:


    • Outdoor Free Play
    • Hungarian Homework Time
    • BGC Thematic Lesson
    • Games With English Lecturer

    Our goal is to facilitate the students’ English language acquisition to the highest possible level in a stress-free environment. The activities help to develop all aspects of the children’s personalities, allowing them to gain a competitive advantage for their futures. Afternoon activities (except for Hungarian Homework Time) are delivered in English. Every afternoon, the focus of the English program is on an extra-curricular activity, covering the fields of sport, music, drama, healthy lifestyle, science and art.


    Our thematic activities will cover the following topics:


    • Healthy Lifestyle & Sports (S.H.A.P.E., Triple Play)
    • LEGO education (WeDo 2.0, Story Starter)
    • Science (Science Lab)
    • Informatics (Smart Board, Robotics)
    • Arts (Arts and Crafts, Image Makers)
    • Drama (Drama Matters, Role Play)