Why the BGC English Program?

  • ...because it is child-centered

    For us, the most important thing is the smile, balance and the quality development of children.

    The BGC English Program has been structured based on topics that build upon one another. The students are introduced to the themes via an array of versatile, challenging and complex activities. Unlike bilingual schools, in the BGC English Program, the English language is used only as a tool in the acquisition of useful knowledge.

    We consider it essential to use the latest educational technology combined with the latest methodology and tools to maintain the children’s interest in topics and ultimately English.

    …because it is reliable

    The BGC English Program has been operating successfully for seven years now. Currently, the program is available in two schools and three kindergartens. This year, we have 520 students engaged in our language clubs. As recognition of our exemplary and innovative methods realized in teaching foreign languages, we have received the “European Language Award” in 2014, an award created by the European Commission.

    Since 2014, those studying at ELTE to become kindergarten teachers with a special focus on English speaking areas, have been doing their work experience in the BGC English Kindergarten groups. Due to our professional successes, the students’ achievements and the positive feedback from the parents, the number of institutions is likely to increase in the near future.

    …because the focus is on development

    Our goal is to allow the students taking part in the program, to not only acquire the English language, but also to improve and widen their skills and abilities.

    The main element of the BGC English School Program is fun! The thematic topics of our club times (healthy habits, drama, art, science) have been chosen based on the students’ interests. Our aim is to work through each topic in a fascinating, playful and stress-free manner. We believe that at their age, creating a positive atmosphere and using positive reinforcement is the best motivational tool!

    ...because it can be planned in advance

    Students partaking in the BGC English School Program can acquire the English language in their usual environment, during a 4+4 year program that has been adjusted to the Hungarian state schools’ academic year. In the lower years (Year 1 – 4), the BGC English Afterschool Program ensures that the students spend 4 hours-a-day, 5 days-a-week in a native English environment.

    Those students, who are in Year 5 and 6, partake in a 90-minute English club time every day. The content and start time of each of these activities has been adjusted to the compulsory Hungarian lessons and curriculum. Our club times take place during the afternoon, with the guidance of a native English speaker. In the last two years of primary school (Year 7 and 8), due to the increased number of compulsory Hungarian lessons, the English club times are reduced to 90 minutes, three-times a week. During these sessions, the focus is on preparation for the language exam.

    ...because there is no test there is no stress

    Unlike bilingual schools, the BGC English Afterschool Program allows students to acquire the English language in a stress-free environment, in accordance with their skills and abilities. There are no dictionaries, tests and grades involved in our teaching, because we believe that positive reinforcement and a fun atmosphere inspire students much more than grades.

BGC English School Program

Our program received the European Language Award in 2014. Unlike the usual bilingual primary schools, we provide a playful language learning opportunity for all students, from complete beginners to those preparing for the language exams.

  • 4 + 4 years structured program
  • Native English speakers
  • A positive, supportive environment
  • Fun-oriented
  • Without vocabulary tests or exams

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