BGC English Workshop (Grades 5-8)

  • For Grades 5-8, the BGC English Program operates as a series of workshops.

    In the fifth and sixth grades, the students take part in 90-minute skill-developing thematic sessions, five times a week. Our native English lecturers tailor these sessions entirely to the interests of the students. Students continuously work on projects, where teamwork and creativity are encouraged. In this age group, we also consider it essential that English language acquisition continues to be playful, without the need for tests. Our most crucial motivating tool is the choice of the right topic and activity as well as positive reinforcement.

    Due to the increased demands of the Hungarian National Core Curriculum, in grades seven and eight, we offer three 90-minute English workshops-a-week.
    The last two years of the program have been designed to prepare the students for the nationally required language examinations. We also aim to broaden their horizons and develop their creativity towards the world around them.

    Our goal is to have 75% of the children, participating in the program for eight years, successfully complete the single language intermediate English exam.

    • More creativity
    • More communication
    • Self-theme processing
    • Daily news
    • Teamwork
    • Preparing for the language exam