Native English Teacher

    • JOB TITLE:
      English Afterschool Teacher – Primary School (students aged 6-10), Middle School (students aged 11-14)
      Placements are in public schools:
      13th district, Budapest
      zip 2151 Fót
      zip 2021 Dunakeszi
      Permanent 1st November / December 2023 - 30th June 2024
      Permanent 1st January 2024 - 30th June 2024
    • CONTACT:
      Native / balanced bilingual (his/her English skills match those of a native speaker)
      *Full-time Position Contact hours MON-FRI 1.00 pm -5.15 pm + 2 times a week 8.00 am-12.00 am + preparation time
      *Part-time Position Contact hours MON-FRI 1.00 pm -5.15 pm + preparation time
      TEFL / CELTA certificate or Diploma in Education

    Join Our Team of Dedicated Educators in Hungary!

    Are you a native or bilingual English speaker with European Union, British, or US nationality who is passionate about working with young children? Are you seeking a challenging and rewarding experience abroad with extensive assistance in all aspects of immigration procedures and accommodation search? If so, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hungary (BGC) is looking for you!

    Our mission is to provide effortless language acquisition through immersion in an English-Hungarian environment. We achieve this by creating an encouraging atmosphere where personal growth, optimism, and creativity are promoted. As an early-year educator, you will play a crucial role in achieving our mission through sensory skills and hands-on activities in an encouraging atmosphere where we promote personal growth, optimism, and creativity.

  • Teacher’s Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Lead our full-immersion English language BGC Afterschool curriculum, facilitate conversational club time activities, and prepare visual aids to ensure comprehensible input for non-native students aged 6-14.
    • Supervise the students, side-by-side with a Hungarian licensed classroom teacher in grades 1-4, and lead the sessions by yourself in grades 5-8.
    • You can work part-time or full-time depending on your personal preference which we will discuss during the selection process:
      Part-time: 20 contact hours/week to provide English speaking environment – 5 x 75′ or 90′ CLUB TIME teaching sessions included
      Full-time: 28 contact hours/week to provide English speaking environment – 7 x 75′ or 90′ CLUB /CIRCLE TIME teaching sessions included.
    • In addition to your classroom responsibilities, you will also attend occasional meetings, and prepare visual aids and teaching props. You will supervise garden and snack time, conduct transition times, indoor free play sessions in the primary school only. Teachers occasionally help organize and participate in site events – included in the above-mentioned working hours.


    What we offer:

    • Immigration procedures run by BGC and provide help with work-related documentation
    • 24/7 emergency assistance
    • Accommodation search assistance
    • Initial Teacher Training Program on Language Acquisition method
    • On-site coordinator and mentorship – on site orientation prior to Sept 1st
    • A year-round training support so even teachers with substantial experience will have an opportunity for improvement by our highly dedicated team of professionals
    • Access to BGC server where we share our teaching materials, teaching aids, supplies, and on-site facilities
    • 18-21 paid vacation days/10 months on a fixed schedule
    • Compensation packages with / without accommodation
    • Enrolled for Hungarian National Health Care

    We are looking for you if you:

    • are a native English speaker or balanced bilingual (English skills match those of a native speaker, raised by a native parent, or received at least 8 years of education in an English-speaking institute)
    • are a licensed teacher or teacher with substantial experience
    • can commit to 10 months and hold a TEFL / CELTA certificate if you are not a licensed teacher
    • are self-motivated and proactive, adaptable to new cultures, have personal and professional ambition, and are passionate about working with young children
    • Ideally the teacher has interests and strong skills in at least two of the following areas: storytelling; arts&crafts; sports; music; ESL; drama; STEM; cooking


    About the Company:

    Boys and Girls Clubs of Hungary is the first European sister club of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) and a partner of the World Federation of Youth Clubs. The primary goal of the BGC English Program is to effectively teach English in a native environment.

    Currently we serve over 600 children daily with our outstanding teachers. The BGC English Kindergarten Program runs for 3 (+1) years for children aged 3-6, whereas our BGC English School Program runs for 4+4 years for children aged 6-14. The BGC English Aftershool Program implements the full-immersion English language acquisition program for nonnative students aged 6-10, while the BGC English Workshop continues our successful Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) program for students aged 10-14.

    Our goal is to facilitate the students’ language acquisition to the highest level in a stress-free environment. The activities help to develop all aspects of the children’s personalities, allowing them to gain a competitive advantage for their futures. If the applicant has extensive experience in the classroom, ideally with one or more of the age groups we teach, check out our job advert for BGC Preschool Teachers as well.

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    Outside of the class:

    BGC Teachers will have endless opportunities to travel and explore, Hungary has a lot to offer to its visitors.
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    Application process

    To apply send your CV, your short introduction video (1-2 mins) and your motivation letter to

    In the video, we would like you to introduce yourself briefly and then tell us about a previous work experience that is relevant to the job posting. Please, also describe your interactions with your past coworkers and how they would describe your communication and collaboration skills.

    Additionally, if you are not a US, UK, or Canadian national, we would like you to explain your bilingualism status as per our guidelines. According to our guidelines, a person is considered bilingual if they were either raised by a native English-speaking parent or were educated in the English school system for at least 8-12 years. Please, explain in the video how this applies to you and provide any relevant details that will help us assess your language proficiency.